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Frequently asked questions


Will I be allowed to go to the toilet during class?

Yes of course you are but we may encourage you to see if you can wait if we are in the middle of something really important.


Will I be allowed to sit next to my friends?

During our settling in week we will spend time getting to know each other really well. You will be sitting with people you work well with. If you are not happy speak to your teacher and we will work hard together to find a solution.


Who can I speak to if I am worried about something?

Your emotional wellbeing is very important to us so you can talk to any adult in the school with whom you feel comfortable. If this is hard remember you can write a message and put it into the box at reception.


Do I have to do my homework?

We have a home school agreement and it is very important that you work independently to improve your work.


Can we bring a pencil case?

No we will provide you with all you need.


I am worried about not seeing my friends and being in a class with different people.

You will be working with different people within the class and year group. As we are a year group bubble, only our year group will be out on the playground at one time during the autumn term. This will make it really easy to find your friends and make new ones. If you have any problems you must speak to a grown up because we can help you find a solution.