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Spelling & Handwriting


At the end of this academic year, you should be able to spell all the words on the Year 3 & 4 word list. So this week we would like you to practice 8 – 10 spellings each day. There is no need to look at the ones you know how to spell, do the ones you do not know. We have included 35 different ideas and ways to help you learn them called ‘Learning Spelling Prompts’. At the end of the week get an adult in the house to test you to see how many you can remember. The idea is that you retain the spellings so you remember them in the future.


As part of learning your spellings a great way to help you remember them is to feel how a word is written. So we have given you some handwriting paper. You must use cursive, joined handwriting starting on the line and finishing on the line for each word. Each letter must be lower case and joined to the rest of the letters in the word.