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Easier Version

Day One

This week, we will write our own simple fairy tale. Begin by watching the film clip The Clock Tower again. 

The Clock Tower

Who is the dancer in the clock tower? How did she get there? Today, ask your child to draw the dancer and the tower. Discuss the questions and encourage them to think of other fairy tales to help them come up with ideas.


Click HERE to listen to Rapunzel (this version has some tricky language). 


Or click HERE to watch a video of it. The story part of the video is about 11 minutes long and then there are songs! 


Perhaps the same thing happened to the dancer in the tower? 

Day Two

Now that your child has a good idea of how the dancer ended up in the tower, spend some time deciding how she might get out!


In Rapunzel, a prince tries to rescue Rapunzel. Perhaps a prince will come and save the dancer? Perhaps they don't want her to be saved by a prince. In Hansel and Gretel, Gretel is clever. She solves her own problem and saves her brother. Click HERE to listen to Hansel and Gretel. Some children might find this version a little scary so HERE is a less scary video. 


Make up a story with your child about how the dancer will get out of the tower. You could listen to, or watch, lots of different fairy tales for inspiration. Some children may like to introduce an animal character. This is a fairy tale, so anything can happen! Help your child to tell the story verbally. For this story, they can use a traditional tale opener such as 'once upon a time' or 'long, long ago'. The children will be writing their story, so don't let them make it too complicated or they will run out of steam!


Below is an example story which they could take ideas from.

Day Three

Today, the children will create a comic strip of their story using the template below (they will write sentence to go with the pictures on Day Four and Five this week). Ask them to draw in the top box the main events of their story.


Box 1: how did the dancer get in the tower?

Box 2: how did the dancer get out of the tower?

Box 3: what happened in the end?


Discuss their ideas with them and ask them questions to extend their explanations. The language they use to tell you their story will be much more complex than the sentences that they will write tomorrow and it is important to encourage this.



Day Four and Five

Take time to write a sentence in each box. Split this up into two shorter sessions so that it does not become too much of a chore. Rehearse the sentences several times out loud before writing them and make sure they are short and simple. Below, you will see a video with a good technique to help your child remember the words in sentences. Here are some example sentences for each box:


The girl is in the tower.


The girl ran away.


The girl is happy.


Depending on how confident your child is feeling, you can make the sentences longer or you can make it easier for your child by writing the beginning of the sentence yourself and helping them to finish it. 


Don't forget to use a tricky word mat and a sound mat. You will find tips on how to support your child during writing in the 'Key Skills and Resources' section of the Year One pages. 

Constructing a Sentence